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What we're doing

A solution to three key
"pain points"

Weflo’s solution features "verti-pit" as an effort to resolve pain points of drone/UAM operators.


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Difficulty in identifying the cause of an incident
Verti-pit performs 14-point monitoring across motor, blade, and ESC by using various sensors, which enables preemptive detection of crash risk.
High cost and time consumption for monitoring drones
Verti-pit dramatically saves costs for repairs through AI-based prediction algorithms based on data measured every second.
Difficulty in guaranteeing quality and performance on parts
By using own testing facilities, Verti-pit has acquired data across motor, blade, and ESC, which will form the basis for precisely evaluating customers’ flight performance.
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How we're doing it

Products and solutions
needed for A to Z of MRO

Weflo is the first one to provide comprehensive drone/UAM monitoring/care solutions

※ Verti-pit solutions are protected by means of intellectual properties including patents.

weflo | Solution

Optimized Solutions

Bespoke solutions covering
all types of flight including
drone and UAM

Weflo’s adapts its solution to drone/UAM operators’ business goals and circumstances.

  • Cost reduction / Efficiency maximization

    Integration of repairing platform to Weflo’s verti-pit will aid to maximize flight utilization

  • Risk Elimination

    Elimination of crash risk by monitoring the status of key parts every few minutes

  • High Operation Efficiency

    Deployment of unmanned monitoring systems for maximization of operation efficiency and resultant improvement of customers’ operation profit

weflo | Solution

Customers benefits

Three benefits for customers

Weflo assists drone/UAM operators to keep their products/services safe at reasonable costs.

  • Insurance Premium Discount: Weflo’s flight monitoring/care solutions can be adopted by drone insurance companies and be used for premium discount.
  • Operation Stability: Weflo leases drone flying platform at no cost, for customers’ fast ramp-up of services.
  • Monitoring Reliability: Weflo features various types of infrastructure/hardware for testing flight design, stability, etc.
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Weflo looks for synergy with its valuable partners!



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About us

Weflo is constituted of the most competitive members representing Stanford University, Harvard University, Georgia Southern University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hanwha Systems, Samsung Electronics, etc. The team is expertised in aerospace, artificial intelligence, etc.

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