Future Mobility Startup Wiplo Named 'Free Icon'

- KRW 3 billion guaranteed for 2 years from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

Wiplo (CEO Kim Eui-jung), a startup that provides future mobility platform pre-maintenance solutions, has been selected for the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund's "Pre-ICON" program. 

Wiplo will be guaranteed 3 billion won from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund for two years through the selection of Pre-ICON.

The Korea Credit Guarantee Fund operates a scale-up program for each stage of growth for startups with excellent technology and innovation. "Free Icon" was created to support scale-ups of innovative startups that are in the leap phase within two to 10 years of their founding. 

AboveFlo was selected for the project in recognition of its ability to economically and efficiently inspect a wide range of next-generation mobility such as eVTOL (Electric Power Vertical Take-off and Landing), a △ electric vehicle △ drone △ AAM (Future Urban Air Mobility) aircraft, in its third year of business.

Wiplo is a startup founded in 2022 and is developing smart predictive maintenance solutions for future mobility. Wiplo's core technologies are hardware (sensor/board) and software (data analysis, AI) technologies that can check the health status of future mobility platforms such as electric vehicles, drones, and air taxis in a contactless manner within seconds and build a systematic database. 

The existing inspection was mainly conducted by qualitative inspection by visual inspection, but the Wiplo solution can be automatically inspected in a non-contact manner, minimizing the manpower and time required, and maximizing the accuracy and economic feasibility of the inspection in that it can quantitatively check a number of failure types.

With these differentiated technologies and solutions, Wiplo succeeded in attracting Pre-A investment last summer, and has been selected as a unit operator in the drone delivery field in the "2024 Drone Demonstration City Construction Project" organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport since early this year. 

Wiplo is also standing out in the global market, where the AAM industry is more mature than in Korea. Earlier this year, Georgia's AAM Working Group was approved and is actively expanding its business in the United States, and it was selected as the first Korean start-up to be selected as the AC program of Starburst, an accelerator specializing in aerospace radiation.

Kim Eui-jung, CEO of Wiplo, said, "This is the result of Shinbo's pre-icon selection, which has been recognized for its innovation and growth potential for companies," adding, "We will establish ourselves as a leading company in the inspection field of future mobility platforms that are growing at a rapid pace of 30% per year on average, and we will expand our position not only in Korea but also in the global market."


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