Weflo attends 'AI Conference' for CEOs of all Lotte affiliates

Lotte announced on the 8th that it held the "2024 Lotte CEO AI Conference" to help CEOs of all affiliates understand artificial intelligence (AI) and strengthen their willingness to apply it to their businesses.

The conference was held at Lotte World Tower the day before (7th) and was held under the theme of 'Lotte preparing for the era of AI+X (AI convergence technology)'. 110 people, including Chairman Shin Dong-bin, general representative of each business group, Lotte Holdings chief, CEOs of all affiliates and CSOs, attended the meeting.

신동빈 롯데그룹 회장이 지난 7일 서울 송파구 신천동에 있는 롯데월드타워에서 열린 '2024 롯데 CEO AI 컨퍼런스'에 참석한 모습. /롯데그룹 제공
Wiplo Booth Participated in Lotte "2024 Lotte CEO AI Conference"

Lotte planned the conference as it aims to raise the scope of AI utilization to a level that increases the competitiveness and execution of each core business from the perspective of innovation beyond simply increasing work efficiency.

The conference began with a presentation on business strategies and the role of CEOs in the AI era at the Future Strategy Research Institute. Following the advent of AI, domestic AI experts introduced business change trends and essential requirements for business transformation along with success stories.

신동빈 롯데그룹 회장이 지난 7일 서울 송파구 신천동에 있는 롯데월드타워에서 열린 '2024 롯데 CEO AI 컨퍼런스'에 참석한 모습. /롯데그룹 제공
Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin attends the "2024 Lotte CEO AI Conference" held at Lotte World Tower in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 7th./Courtesy of Lotte Group

Lotte Group's AI-TFT (Task Force Team) announced the group's AI strategy and operation direction. AI-TFT presented AI roadmaps and key tasks promoted at the group level, along with cases of AI introduction by affiliates such as Lotte Engineering & Construction and Lotte Department Store. In the final order, Lotte Information and Communication introduced AI technologies and strategies applied to Lotte AI platform Aimember.

There is also a booth at the venue where you can experience the technology of AI-related startups. A total of nine startups, including Lotte Information and Communication and its subsidiary Calibus, SpaceVision AI, S2W, and Mondrian AI, participated to introduce and demonstrate their AI technologies and business services.

Starting with this 'CEO AI Conference', Lotte plans to continue to hold AI-related webinars and forums online and offline to strengthen AI capabilities for all employees.

"AI is expanding its scope of use to all industries, and it is actually generating profits through business models," a Lotte official said. "We expect each affiliate CEO who is leading business in various fields such as manufacturing, distribution, and service will be able to plant AI DNA to have the ability to carry out the AI+X era."