Weflo participates in startup networking event 'Meet-up Talk! Talk'

- For companies and graduation companies selected for preliminary and initial start-up packages by the Association of Creative Economy Centers in Southeast and Greater Gyeongsang Province
- Conduct unique networking through talk concerts, elevator meet-ups, beach trains, etc.

'Meet-up Talk! Talk!' 참가자들이 기념 촬영을 하는 모습. | 사진 제공 - 부산창조경제혁신센터
The participants of "Meet-up Talk! Talk!" are taking a commemorative photo. | Photo courtesy of Busan Creative Economy Innovation Center

The Busan Creative Economy Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Busan Changkyung), which held the "Meet-up Talk! Talk" for two days from the 26th of last month, announced that the event was completed with about 140 start-up entrepreneurs attending.

The event was organized by Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Daegu, and Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Southeast and Daegyeong area Changgyeong) for prospective and early start-up package selection companies and graduation companies in 2023.  From 2021 to 2022, it was held in cooperation with Changgyeong and Jeju Changgyeong in the southeastern region, which operate preliminary start-up packages and early start-up package projects, and this year, Busan Changgyeong organized the program in cooperation with Changgyeong in the southeastern and Daegyeong regions, and Convention Forest Co., Ltd., a company specializing in MICE, operated the program.

Signiel Busan and Haeundae were divided into three parts for two days and one night, and each institution's △ major achievements for each project, △ announcements of excellent companies, △ talk concerts, △ elevator meet-ups, and △ beach train networking consisted of unique networking that blends business and relaxation.

At the first part of the event, CEO Kim Eui-jung of Wiplo Co., Ltd., CEO Kim Hyung-jin of △ POSCO, co-CEO Seo Jin-wook of △ Craft Lab, CEO Ahn Seong-min of Biocean Co., Ltd., CEO Lee Jang-woo of △ Uproot Company, CEO Choi Sang-kyu of △ Real Draw, and CEO Hwang Hong-seop of Delight Food Co., Ltd. announced corporate performance to motivate and motivate younger founders.

Comedian and entrepreneur Ko Myung-hwan, along with Kim Eui-jung, CEO of Wiplo, △ Lotte Ventures, Lee Dae-woo, head of the Busan branch, △ Crypto Investment Team Lim Jae-kyu, and Jeong Tae-wook, head of the △ Startup Promotion Agency, attended the talk concert as a panel.

'Meet-up Talk! Talk!' 2부 행사 : 엘리베이터 Meet-up with SWOT | 사진 제공 - 부산창조경제혁신센터
'Meet-up Talk! Talk!' Part 2 Event: Elevator Meet-up with SWOT | Photo courtesy of Busan Creative Economy Innovation Center

A total of five experts, including senior founders, investors, and policy officials, gathered in one place to deliver a meaningful message about the change in the start-up ecosystem and the direction in which start-ups should go. In particular, the talk concert was sent online in real time to provide insights to start-ups who were not present.

In the second part of the event, "Elevator Meet-up" was provided using "SWOT Analysis" that analyzes the company's internal environment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) by directing "Elevator Pitching" to briefly talk about PR and business to people you meet inside during a short period of elevator riding. Elevators directed in the venue will be opened 14 times from the 100th floor to each section, and networking with new start-up companies and investors will be possible whenever they reach each floor.

The third part of the event took advantage of Haeundae Blue Line Park Beach Train, a unique infrastructure in Busan, on the 27th, where participants enjoyed beautiful coastal views together and had free healing networking time.

"We have planned a joint program to provide opportunities for selected companies and graduation companies from various fields in each region to share information and build networks," said Choi Soo-bin, PM of Busan Chang-kyung. "We will continue to try to operate and communicate various programs for start-up companies."

'Meet-up Talk! Talk!'  3부 행사 : 해운대블루라인파크 해변열차 힐링 네트워크 | 사진제공 - 부산창조경제혁신센터
'Meet-up Talk! Talk!' Part 3 Event: Haeundae Blue Line Park Beach Train Healing Network | Photo courtesy of Busan Creative Economy Innovation Center

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