Weflo attends the signing ceremony of a business agreement between the Korean Federation of Drone Companies and the Drone Operations Command

The Korean Federation of Drone Companies announced on the 5th that it signed a business agreement with the Drone Operations Command to support testbeds for the development of industry, academia, and research drone technology and to cooperate with each other.

Lee Jong-kyung, chairman of the Korea Drone Business Association, Lee Bo-hyung, commander of the Drone Operations Command, and representatives of Korea's top drone companies, Sistech, Pablo Air and Wiplo, attended the business agreement ceremony.

According to the agreement, the Korean Federation of Drone Companies plans to carry out joint experiments related to drones and anti-drone with the drone operation command to quickly electrify the latest technologies and products of domestic drone companies and promote research and development suitable for military needs.

In addition, the two organizations will hold seminars and conferences to discuss cutting-edge technologies and defense policies related to drones and anti-drons, and hold a drone festival to raise citizens' security awareness and raise awareness of defense drones.

Lee Jong-kyung, chairman of the Korea Drone Business Association, said, "We are pleased that this agreement will be an opportunity for domestic drone companies with high-quality technology related to drones and large drones to more actively enter the defense drone industry."

Lee Bo-hyung, commander of drone operations, said, "I was surprised by the strong drive and quick response shown by the Korean Federation of Drone Companies, and I have high expectations that we will be able to accomplish many of the tasks required by the drone operations command together through this activeness."

The Korea Drone Enterprises Association is an association under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and is a representative organization in the domestic drone sector with the largest member company in Korea.

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